DEREN Electronics was established in 1992 and mainly focus on the market for connectors & precision components that for Home Appliance, Consumer and Automotive Electronics, and Telematics Technology. DEREN was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock market in 2006. DEREN own group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, overseas joint venture, overseas trading companies, and overseas sales and service branches.
                            • 深圳市委统战部副部长、市工商联党组书记蔡立一行调研威尼斯人电子2020年3月11日下午,中共深圳市委统战部副部长、市工商联党组书记蔡立一行莅临威尼斯人电子调研指导。more+
                            • 威尼斯人电子已投产全自动口罩生产线 力争第一季度达到复产前生产水平疫情期间,威尼斯人电子紧急定制4条全自动口罩生产线,并于3月10日开始投产。more+
                            • 坚持防疫不松懈,坚持发展不动摇在此特殊时期,我们更要加强服务意识,再大的困难都必须克服,以订单的顺利完成和按期交付为首要目标。more+
                            • “疫”不容辞,逆势而上 | 威尼斯人电子决战51天2月10日以来,威尼斯人电子开始稳步有序推进企业复工复产,争分夺秒,决战51天,保证第一季度任务的顺利完成!more+